Message from theManaging Director

In the next ten years, the global trend, as well as in Thailand, will be shifting toward the use of renewable energy as the main sources of power. Hydroelectrical energy, which is one of CKPower’s areas of expertise, is forecasted to be the most profitable due to it being a clean, low-cost, and sustainable source of energy. Since the development of sustainability has been one of our strategies and goals, we are therefore prioritizing renewable energy to ensure energy security for Thailand and ASEAN region. The plan includes not only investing in alternative energy businesses and other sources of clean energy that utilize the latest, most environmental-friendly technologies, but also maintaining accountability to the society and our stakeholders with utmost transparency and sincere commitment to the environment. Moreover, the Company is devoted to give back to the communities and bring prosperity to the areas surrounding our power plants in order to cultivate business that is stable, strong, and prosperous in the future.

Even among the executives and staffs, the Company has promoted sustainability and environmental responsibility to encourage cooperation from them. Our employees have played a key role in designing projects and innovations aimed to resolve current environmental and social issues. For example, the Hing Hoi Project, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, which has been organized for the past five years; the use of “cool mode” fabric for employees’ uniforms to reduce climate change and adverse effects on the environment; and the Company’s membership to the UN Global Compact. These efforts illustrate our mission and commitment to operate our businesses under the Ten Principles outlined by the UNGC. Furthermore, the Company also set the agenda on sustainable development to be one of the indicators on performance evaluation for everyone in the organization.

Due to the fact that sustainability had consistently been incorporated in our mission and organizational culture, the year 2020 became our proof of success and pride as the Company received numerous awards on different aspects of sustainability from both domestically and internationally. This reiterates our devotion to run the business on the basis of sustainability. All of these demonstrate that sustainability is at the heart of CKPower’s quest for endless energy.

Thanawat Trivisvavet
Managing Director


CK Power Public Company Limited strives to conduct business in adherence to the principle of corporate governance and create shared value for all stakeholders while taking into consideration its social and environmental responsibility for the best interests of all sectors, also known as ESG (environmental, social, and governance). The company also strives towards becoming a leading clean energy producer in the region that operates on the basis of sustainability consciousness in various dimensions, as detailed below.

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  • Economy

While the ultimate goal of creating economic value is profit, CKPower strongly believes that it is more important to achieve a balance in order to create share value for all stakeholders, contribute to both the national energy security and the economic advancement of Thailand and other countries in the region, and distribute wealth to all stakeholders to ensure mutual and sustainable prosperity.

  • Society

CKPower has fostered engagement for the quality of life development in every community around the power plants that it operates, placing emphasis on activities that work towards achieving UNSDGs. The company also operates in compliance with all relevant labor guidelines and laws in each locality and international human rights practices.

  • Environment

CKPower is committed to achieving a balance between its business activities, communities, and the environment. It thus selects eco-friendly technology, protects and conserves the environment, uses natural resource consciously, and fosters eco-friendly practices for daily life and business operations among its employees and in communities.



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