In 2022, CKPower reviewed its sustainability activities and utilized materiality topics, sought input from management and operational representatives, as well as conducted interviews with stakeholders from various sectors to inform the formulation of its sustainability strategies to ensure alignment with its vision to become a leading clean power producer and distributor in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In conjunction, the Company actively preserved an ecological and environmental balance and promoted a better quality of life in communities and society

The Company’s sustainability framework consists of three core strategies known as “C-K-P,” which cover important issues in the dimensions of environment (C - Clean Electricity), social (K - Kind Neighbor), and governance and economic dimensions (P – Partnership for Life). CKPower has also established targets and performance indicators for successful operation,as well as formulated five-year action plans (2022-2026) for key issues in all five dimensions, including

  1. Energy Management and Climate Change
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Social and Community Care
  4. Respect for Human Rights
  5. Business Resilience
C – Clean Electricity K – Kind Neighbor P – Partnership for Life
Being committed to leveraging technology and environmentally-friendly innovations in business operations to create a balance between the environmental conservation, energy management, greenhouse gas reduction, ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity, while maintaining the stability in clean electricity generation. Being committed to improving the quality of life and fostering shared values among communities, society, and stakeholders, both directly and indirectly, as well as carrying out operations with regard for the principles of human rights in accordance with international standards across the supply chain. Strengthening the competency to address challenges and achieve sustainable business growth through investment in new business opportunities in ASEAN and the region, as well as integrating innovation and digital technology into business operations, to create energy security for the region and provide good and fair returns for customers and shareholders.

CKPower strives to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact under its C-K-P sustainability management framework in order to align its sustainability actions with internationally recognized goals and requirements. the Company’s sustainability actions support 13 SDGs as well as its fundamental responsibility with regard to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption efforts.

Sustainability Management Structure

In addition, the Company has established a Sustainable Development Steering Committee, chaired by the Company’s management team, with executives from all power plants covering all relevant areas of work joining as committee members. The Company has also appointed a Sustainability Supporting and Disclosure Working Team and a Plant Sustainability Working Team as units to drive the organization’s sustainability operations. These teams will facilitate the exchange of ideas and implement sustainable management strategies in line with the commitment and vision of the CKPower, which focuses on managing operations in a clear direction and in line with sustainable goals.