With realizing the significance of operations in accordance with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Board of Directors then sets out the Corporate Governance Policy in writing to ensure the corporate practical guidelines with clarity, transparency, auditability, and the Board of Directors’ Meeting reviews the Company’s Corporate Governance Policy to ensure that it is appropriate and kept up-to-date in compliance with the regularly amended Principles of Good Corporate Governance of the Stock Exchange, and discloses such Corporate Governance Policy on the Company’s website in order to communicate the Company’s business commitment to the good corporate governance to the public.

Communication and Compliance with the Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors has communicated and spread the Corporate Governance Policy to directors, executives and staff at all levels, together with all stakeholders via the Company’s website at www.ckpower.co.th to ensure their accurate awareness, understanding and adherence, which will bring up the trust on all related parties.

In addition to the aforesaid fundamental rights, the Company also proceeds with various matters which support and facilitate shareholders’ exercise of the rights in key issues as follows:

Corporate Governance Policy 2021