A key challenge to competency development is enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of employees to align with CKPower’s strategic directions among employees. CKPower strived to become one of the region’s largest producers of electricity from renewables.
As such, it is vital for CKPower to have personnel who are knowledgeable about power electricity production and renewable resources essential to electricity generation. Another challenge is to take proper care of and retain such personnel in the long term. To this end, CKPower needs to provide opportunities for career advancement as appropriate, offer fair benefits, continuously develop their competency, as well as provide welfare and a good work environment for its employees.

Operational Guideline

To ensure correspondence to the Company’s direction and the employees’ capabilities and to take proper care of the employees, CKPower has established a human resources management policy. The details are as follows.

Personnel Management Policy

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2022 Targets


Personnel Development

Employees with capabilities are essential in increasing the organization's competitive advantage and enhancing its capacity to adapt to market dynamics, particularly in the electricity business. Consequently, CKPower has established and planned the development of employees' capabilities that are suitable for positions throughout the organization to align with the company's policies and business expansion trends. Training programs for employees at each level are regularly reviewed and evaluated every year. Additionally, the company encourages employees to create their own Individual Development Plans to enhance their strengths and productivity. This approach ensures continuous development and improvement within the organization.

Additionally, CKPower provides the Upskill & Reskill tools listed below to enable employees at all levels to select and formulate their own individual development plan every year. This promotes productivity and encourages the pursuit of individual development. Individual development plan tools and competency gap analysis are used to ensure that employees at all levels are well-prepared for their respective roles and to promote continuous and sustainable development for all employees.

  • Individual development plans

    Individual development plans are formulated based on the required competencies for each job position, including both job-specific and leadership competencies unique to each position. Training roadmaps and training plans have been developed for employees at all levels to promote career advancement and increase potential. The training programs encompass various courses, covering domestic and international topics, to enhance employees' skills and knowledge in their respective roles.

  • Competency gap analysis

    Competency gap analysis helps to identify areas where employees require development and provides a summary of the employee competencies that require improvement or development, allowing supervisors to assess their team's capabilities in each job position. This serves as a guideline for determining the training courses or plans needed to further enhance the competency of employees.

  • Shared drive system

    The shared drive system enables knowledge sharing and the conveyance and dissemination of training materials between employees within each line of work.

Employee Training Programs

CKPower establishes both internal and external training programs to develop the capabilities of employees, aligning them with the organization's direction of being a leader in sustainable electricity production from renewable resources. These programs aim to enhance employees' knowledge and essential skills, ensuring they possess the necessary competencies for their job roles and career opportunities. Additionally, they provide opportunities to transfer knowledge and experiences to operational-level employees. The training programs are classified to suit each position as follows:

CKPower’s personnel development courses are detailed below.

1. New Joiner Courses

Objective: To facilitate new employees' understanding of the corporate culture, create a positive experience, assist new employees in easily adapting to their colleagues, and familiarize them with the essential organizational culture guidelines that are standard practice.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
Compulsory Course for New Joiner: Core Value Understanding of the Company’s work culture and principles for seamless integration.
Compulsory Course for New Joiner: Kaizen Understanding of the principles of Kaizen and the ability to implement them for improved work efficiency.

2. Soft Skills Development Courses

Objective: To cultivate competency skills which enable employees to enhance work efficiency, effective communication, internal coordination, and conflict mitigation and which employees can also implement in other aspects of their lives, both personal and professional, enabling them to be more gentle with themselves and others.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
High Impact Communication Clear, cogent communication and effective persuasion techniques.
Project Management How to manage projects from start to finish and follow up on results effectively.
Systematic Analytical Thinking Skill Efficient problem analysis, needs assessment, research, and data source analysis.
Master of One Page Summary How to systematically write a one-page summary.

3. Functional Training Courses

Objective: To equip employees with new job-specific skills, knowledge, and abilities—or enhance existing ones—to help them adapt to the current global changes and trends, increase productivity, develop professional skills, to acquire true and in-depth knowledge in order to minimize potential future damages and continuously foster innovative thinking without limits.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
Effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Problem solving and appropriate tool selection for root cause analysis.
Landslide and Riverbank Protection Knowledge of soil movement patterns along riverbank slopes for proper incident prevention.
Vibration Training Effective vibration data collection, analysis, correction and reporting.
Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Foreign Power Plants Knowledge and understanding of how to manage PPAs with foreign power plants.

4. Leadership Programs

Objective: To enable supervisor-level employees to develop their own leadership skills, effectively manage teams towards common goals and apply various tools for team management and interdepartmental collaboration, encompassing self-leadership, leading others, management systems, and demonstrating organizational leadership.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
Strategic Risk Management Comprehension of the organization's systematic and continuous operational processes to reduce the risk of damage. This understanding allows CKPower to manage all risks, including strategic, financial, operational, legal, and compliance, to be at acceptable levels and to evaluate, manage, and perform them to systematic audits
Enterprise Risk Management Understanding of the procedures followed by the Board of Directors, executives, and all personnel in CKPower to aid in strategy formulation and implementation. Risk management processes are devised to facilitate the identification of potential events that may affect CKPower and effective management of such risks within acceptable levels. This ensures reasonable assurance in attaining the objectives set by the Company.
Train the Digital Trainer The ability to apply the principles of content design and presentation techniques that is easy to understand and directly to the point, to effectively utilize digital tools to transfer knowledge in creative ways, and to adapt to the working environment in the digital age.

1. Functional Training Courses

Objectives: To develop expertise, knowledge, and functional competencies necessary for specific fields, enabling the application of acquired skills and competencies to work operations. By considering the training roadmap as a guide, which specifies the training needs for each position, it helps identify which employees should receive training in specific topics.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Solar Rooftop Systems Proper, safe, and cost-effective design, installation, and maintenance of solar PV rooftop systems.
Maintenance Technology for Generator Excitation Control System Equipment Proper and safe generator excitation control and maintenance.
Oil Analysis (Hydraulic) Level-1 Knowledge of how to manage the power plant’s machine lubrication system.
Sediment Laboratory Analysis Knowledge of international standards according to ASTM principles for performing laboratory sediment analysis.

2. Leadership Programs

Objective: To enable supervisor-level employees to develop their own leadership skills, effectively manage teams towards common goals, and apply various tools for team management and interdepartmental collaboration, encompassing self-leadership, leading others, management systems, and demonstrating organizational leadership.

Sample courses

Course name
Acquired skills
CFO 2022 How to calculate the net realizable value of inventories and arrange MOUs with government and private agencies in the country.
Anti-Corruption Principal Guide How to systematically create an organizational anti-corruption system with good control measures, including a safe and efficient whistleblowing system.
Strategic Management Accounting Familiarity with strategic management accounting techniques which professional accountants can implement at CKPower.
YournextU For executives to have familiarity with and the ability to apply management tools from diverse fields to effectively manage teams and individuals, including persuasion techniques, expression of appreciation, conflict resolution, and decision-making, all of which are integral to successful team leadership.
Personal Data Protection Act Understanding of the personal data protection principles relevant to internal audit work and the ability to submit legal documents correctly.
CKP Academy Application

CKPower has created the CKP Academy Application as a tool for developing personnel potential. It serves as a database of knowledge and skills for setting new mindsets and trends. Additionally, it facilitates lifelong learning and fosters a culture of self-initiated study through virtual training and E-learning. Furthermore, it encourages employees to create their own individual development plans, promoting the development of strengths and ensuring continuous improvement for enhanced productivity. The application can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Training Plan Annual hard skill development plan tailored to each employee.
  • Core Program Core and mandatory training programs for all employees, such as on the Company’s core values, Kaizen, sustainability fundamentals, human rights principles, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), and the importance of safety in the workplace.
  • Guideline A database of various recommendations and practices that are necessary for each line of work within the company.
  • New Joiner Compulsory training that every new employee must undergo on topics such as core values, Kaizen, occupational safety and health, waste management, and biodiversity.
  • E-Learning A database of information from various courses, which employees can select for self-study based on their interests anywhere, anytime.
  • Fun Language A new feature developed to aid CKP Group employees in learning Lao and other languages easily directly from native-speaking employees. It also serves as a database of Lao vocabulary for everyday usage, technical terminology for essential business communication, and insights into Lao culture and recommended local sites, all presented by native speakers. Additionally, this feature provides opportunities to learn regional Thai and Indian languages as well as English from native-speaking employees through short, easy-to-digest clips.
  • Food for Thought A database of different mindsets on management, teamwork, goal setting, team building, and relating to colleagues, as well as updates on new trends, all presented in an engaging, easy-to-understand Micro Learning format.
  • Knowledge Sharing A database of information from each affiliated company which allows employees to share knowledge, expertise, job-specific skills, and field experience through virtual classes, face-to-face interactions, or digital documents.
  • Internship An internship program that enables participants to learn and gain practical experience through field work, serving as a valuable preparation for future employment. The program also aims to cultivate awareness of work ethics and social responsibility.
IDP Coaching Line Manager Program

The Individual Development Plan Coaching Line Manager program was created in 2022 to develop and harness the potential of as well as identify competency gaps in leaders and team members by using the coaching process to drive learning and team development in a targeted way. The project focuses on leveraging employee strengths and skills in specific fields to enhance work productivity and foster engagement between employees and other team members as well as with the Company. In 2022, the corporate engagement score exceeded the target, and the project also contributed to a reduction in employee turnover. The program emphasizes the importance of creating a dedicated and continuous individual development plan through follow-up.

Team Building Program

This employee engagement program focuses on strengthening the relationship between employees working in different locations, bringing them together as one cohesive team. It achieves this by incorporating organizational culture, CAWTA core values, Kaizen principles, and courses from YourNextU programs such as Outward Mindset, Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, and High Impact Communication. The program applies these concepts and principles to drive activities and produce valuable results. It encourages brainstorming and collaboration to enhance efficiency, inspiration, and confidence, while fostering trust towards CKPower’s leadership. The program also promotes communication and idea exchange and encourages employees to express their opinions when they encounter inappropriate actions. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of operating under good governance principles.

This program is carried out by internal agencies, resulting in a cost reduction of 350,000 baht that would otherwise be spent on outsourced consultation. Its implementation has fostered pride among participating employees who have actively contributed their ideas and worked together to create a positive and conducive working environment, contributing to increased engagement with the organization. In 2022, employee commitment to CKPower was measured at 4.01, higher than the target.

Healthy BMI Program

Obesity is the cause of many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases, which can be harmful to employees. CKPower thus organized the Healthy BMI Program to promote correct exercise and diet as part of its employee care. Following the implementation of this program in 2021, it was found that the employees who had participated in the program demonstrated greater efficiency and a lower level of stress than those who had not. In 2022, the participating employees demonstrated higher efficiency at work compared to other employees and showed a lower of work-related stress. The employee satisfaction rate was 4.01, higher than the target.

Personnel Support for Career Advancement

Employee Performance Assessment

Each year, CKPower assesses the performance of its executives and employees against key performance indicators (KPIs). The results are then ranked comparatively among employees at the same level to determine remuneration in accordance with CKP Performance Appraisal Manual. In addition, the assessment results are analyzed to inform the formulation of individual development plans, as detailed below.

  Percentage of Employees Underwent the Competency Development Assessment
Top management 7.69 %
Middle-level management 73.68 %
Junior management 94.92 %
Employees 94.15 %

Remarks: The information provided is for the year 2022.

Succession Plan

CKPower has established a succession plan in accordance with its policy to recruit quality personnel within the Company to fill vacant positions and ensure business continuity and sustainability. The succession plan is drawn up for vital positions in major lines of work so as to develop necessary knowledge, capabilities, and skills in preparation for succession.

Employee Welfare

Employee Welfare

CKPower offers welfare and benefits to permanent employees and other employees who work at its significant locations of operation. These benefits include life insurance, health insurance, disability coverage, parental leave, and pension. Additionally, CKPower has specified the details, policies, and procedures of employee welfare as well as those of the termination process in accordance with applicable laws, which apply to 100% of employees, to ensure that they are informed.

Workplace Welfare Committee

CKPower has specified the details, policies, and procedures of employee welfare as well as those of the termination process in accordance with applicable laws, which apply to 100% of employees, to ensure that they are informed. CKPower has also established the Workplace Welfare Committee in accordance with Thai labor standards (TLS 8001-2553) and international human rights principles. The Committee consists of five members who represent all employees and are responsible for proposing welfare suggestions and guidelines to the Labor Welfare Committee. The Committee also monitors and supervises the continuous allocation of welfare to comply with labor laws. The Committee also serves as a point of contact for employees to exercise their right to organize, express opinions, and provide suggestions for welfare provisions through the channels specified by CKPower and of which all employees have been informed.

Work From Home

In the case that employees have a necessary need to work remotely, CKPower has implemented a work from home policy that not only helps in mitigating the ongoing spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) but also enhances the flexibility and convenience of employees' work arrangements. CKPower provides employees with access to sufficient equipment and software, enabling them to work remotely with efficiency. As a result, CKPower can maintain continuity in business operations without communication barriers, both internally and externally.

Flexible Working Hour

CKPower allows employees to have flexible working hours to promote work-life balance. Employees can request permission from their supervisors and the HR department. Approval for flexible working hours is assessed on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that it does not impact business operations.

Family Care Leave

CKPower grants employees the right to take leave in order to care for spouses, legitimate children, parents (father or mother), parents of spouses, grandparents, and siblings who are experiencing physical illness or mental distress.

Equal Employment

CKPower has implemented policies and guidelines to provide job opportunities for disabled and underprivileged groups, based on their suitability to the positions available, including hiring policies and welfare rights. The aim is to promote a better quality of life for individuals with disabilities. However, as of 2022, CKPower does not currently have any underprivileged employees.

Personnel Support

The Company supports employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance by allowing them to take leave when needed to attend to family responsibilities.

2022 Personnel Support Performance


CAWTA Core Value

CKPower’s CAWTA core values serves as the foundation for fostering unity among employees at all organizational levels. Through annual activities and communications, CKPower aims to enhance employee engagement with the organization. This approach provides employees with guiding principles to adhere to and implement, fostering common goals and a positive organizational culture.

KAIZEN Principles for Continuous Development

The core philosophy of Kaizen is that significant results can be achieved through small, incremental changes. These changes do not necessarily require large investments but rather involve the active participation and commitment of everyone within the organization. Kaizen emphasizes the importance of ongoing, continuous development, following a seven-step process.

  1. Get employees involved Find the problem
  2. Find the problem
  3. Create a solution
  4. Test the solution
  5. Analyze the result
  6. Standardize
  7. Repeat

CKPower offers opportunities for employees to contribute ideas for promoting sustainability within the organization. There are designated channels available for employees to express their opinions and suggestions. One such channel is the KAIZEN Sheet presentation form, which allows employees to provide detailed reports on areas they believe should be developed, improved, or corrected as well as to propose solutions and outcomes. The Company utilizes these suggestions to enhance both personnel and operational processes within the organization.

Implementing Kaizen principles within the organization has led to the development of personnel potential and increased competency. It promotes operational efficiency, reduces limitations, and decreases resource consumption. Additionally, it contributes to new innovations and improves the quality of production at the enterprise level. The Kaizen process also fosters a sense of pride among employees for their part in actively driving CKPower's operations towards continuous improvement. This cultivates a collaborative environment where individuals strive to improve themselves and the community.

2022 Employee Engagement Performance

CKPower consistently carries out efforts to increase employee engagement through various activities and communications every year. It also conducts employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, administered by external organizations, every two years. The survey results are communicated to employees throughout the organization, and the findings are analyzed to develop programs for improving employee well-being in different areas.

Employee Engagement Performance
PERFORMANCE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2022 Target
Employee engagement (%) 74 n/a n/a n/a 4.01 3.8
Employee satisfaction *Range: 1-5 3.87 n/a n/a 4.46* 3.88 3.8

Remark: * The survey results of employee satisfaction towards operational management amid the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2022, CKPower utilized the assessment results to initiate the following programs and projects aimed at enhancing personnel support, which are currently underway:

  1. 1. Career Roadmap Design and Planning Program

    This program focuses on creating opportunities for career growth among employees, which goes beyond advancement to higher positions within their current line of work. In some fields, there may be limited vacancies within the employee’s expected timeframe. Thus, CKPower enables employees to expand their scope of responsibility or transfer to other fields based on their interests and readiness. The program facilitates discussions between employees and supervisors to understand career growth expectations. It serves as a tool to attract high-potential employees by providing them with options and growth opportunities. Moreover, the program aids in developing skills and abilities that align with CKPower’s growth trajectory.

  2. 2. Remuneration Adjustment Project to Increase Competitiveness in the Labor Market

    CKPower has taken the initiative to examine and improve the guidelines for remuneration and annual wage adjustment for all employees in the organization, including general employees and high-demand employees within the current labor market, particularly those in key positions. In addition, CKPower is utilizing comparative data from the labor market within the same industry to design compensation and welfare guidelines that better align with market standards.

  3. 3. Performance Appraisal Improvement Project

    CKPower has considered suggestions from employee engagement survey results to improve communication. This includes enhancing employees' understanding of individual evaluation objectives and indicators, as well as the criteria and standards for promotions. Furthermore, there is a correlation between employee performance evaluations and annual salary adjustments.