The system reliability and availability of the company and its subsidiary is critical to the promotion of business sustainability and affects both the confidence of clients and customers and Thailand’s economic and social development.
As such, the company has established policies to expand investments in electricity production and distribution businesses from various types of energy both in Thailand and the ASEAN region with the goal of contributing to energy security through diverse energy projects under the vision of becoming a leader in the power production industry in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

CKPower and its subsidiaries place great emphasis on their invested power plants by introducing advanced technology to ensure power distribution continuity and efficiency as well as establishing cost management systems to achieve competitiveness and eco-friendliness. The company also focuses on developing engineering and efficient resource management knowledge among employees at all levels and encouraging learning and operational system improvement in order to promote the development of innovation that will further enhance operational efficiency as well as contribute to greater system reliability and availability.


Efficiency improvement and reduction of production losses

CKPower attaches great significance to efficiency improvement and reduction of production losses and thus regularly implements production efficiency improvement plans. In 2019, the company carried out two projects that enhanced machinery efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and decreased waste through recycling, which saved the company approximately THB 10,000,000 combined.

The adjustment of chloride range in the cooling towers in BIC 1

The efficiency improvement and reduction of production losses was collaboratively developed and planned by the production, maintenance, and safety and environment divisions, in pursuit of the annual safety and environmental objectives and goals.

Control range Before the project started July 2017 Aug-Dec 2017 after the project started Jan-Dec 2018 Jan-Dec 2019
Chloride range Less than 200 ppm 350 – 400 ppm 350 – 400 ppm 350 – 400 ppm
Blowdown water 252,818 m3/year (2016) ลดลง 33,014.64 33 ลดลง 47,014.08 m3 ลดลง 27,534.08 m3
Saved expenses - THB 1,380,376.80 THB 3,228,260.30 THB 2,331,490.75
Reliability and Availability of Power Production and Distribution Systems

CKPower actively improves its power distribution systems to ensure uninterrupted delivery of electricity to all clients of the company and its subsidiaries.

In 2019, the Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Plants and five solar power projects commenced commercial operations, effectively increasing the installed capacity by 1,291.73 megawatts. This has enabled CKPower to deliver electricity produced from clean alternative energy, strengthened the reliability of the company’s power production and distribution, and helped the company meet the increased electricity demand. Furthermore, the company has put in place production and distribution control systems with maximum reliability. The company’s power plants are not only designed by experts and equipped with measuring tools of international standards but are also subject to regular inspection by specialists and maintenance according to detailed schedules throughout their life span.

Crisis management

As risks and crises can strike anytime and cause disruption to the company’s production and distribution systems, CKPower has developed crisis management guidelines. Drawn up in 2019, the (draft) crisis management guidelines for the company and its subsidiaries are expected to be announced for implementation in 2020. The company also issues emergency manuals and conducts drills every year to ensure preparedness against unforeseen incidents, such as fires and floods.

Performance indicators Power plants Performance
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 target
System availability (%) NN2 Hydro Plant 97.61 98.12 93.11 98.15 100.00
Xayaburi Hydro Plant       99.74 100.00
Cogeneration Plant 95.11 97.03 97.89 95.69 96.61
Unplanned downtime* (incident) NN2 Hydro Plant 74 40 19 33 0
Xayaburi Hydro Plant       6 0
Cogeneration Plant 2 0 1 2 0
Revenue loss from unplanned downtime (THB million) NN2 Hydro Plant 0.64 0.38 0.10 93.24 0
Xayaburi Hydro Plant       1.69 0
Cogeneration Plant 1.20 0 2.60 3.50 0
Remarks: *Unplanned shutdowns, only had impacts on customers
1) Xayaburi Hydro Plant COD on 20 October 2019.
2) BIC2 COD on 29 June 2017.
3) NN2 Hydroelectric Power Plant was penalty by the water supply limitation (LDs) in July 2019 although the machine was remain availability.