Respect for human rights forms the foundation of good corporate governance and requires constant supervision to ensure equality and prevent human rights violations both internally and externally.
In addition, human rights issues and good labor practices have been prioritized across the world through responsible business operations anchored in international human rights frameworks in order to promote the sustainable adoption of best practices across the supply chain.

CKPower has issued a human rights policy that covers basic human rights practices in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: UNGPBHR. The aim of the policy is to encourage all employees to promote equality, refrain from discrimination based on nationality, religion, age, culture, gender, political beliefs, and disability, support freedom and labor protection, and avoid any involvement in human rights violations, through systematic personnel management as well as emphasis on community and social care on the basis of safety and good quality of life. Furthermore, the company has introduced employment practices that are in strict compliance with employment standards and criteria set forth in labor laws and are applied to both the company and its subsidiaries under its personnel management policy, which covers human rights and other issues as detailed below.

Personnel management policy

CKPower has systematically established channels for complaints and suggestions from employees and stakeholders and guidelines for complaint handling and whistleblower protection in order to prepare preventive measures, solutions, processes for the mitigation of human rights risks, appropriate remediation guidelines, and projects and activities that build awareness of human rights, such as training sessions and seminars.

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New employee orientation 2019

Starting from 2019 onwards, CKPower has incorporated human rights into new employee orientation to build awareness among new hires from their first day of employment that the company places great emphasis on respecting human rights in accordance with international standards. In 2019, the company conducted a training session on human rights awareness in new employee orientation attended by 108 new employees.

Labor practices

Human resources are a major driving force that enables an organization to achieve its goals. As such, CKPower has continuously attached significance to human resource operations through a corporate human resource management approach that is fair and neither engages in employment discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, language, and social status, nor use forced labor or child labor. In addition, the company has put in place a policy that ensures fair and suitable remuneration based on employee competencies and performance as well as employee welfare and benefits comparable with other companies in the same business.

In 2019, CKPower established a workplace welfare committee, responsible for proposing to the labor welfare committee welfare-related suggestions and guidelines beneficial to employees as well as for monitoring and supervising welfare provision to ensure compliance with labor laws. The committee also serves as a channel through which employees to submit opinions and suggestions beneficial to welfare provision and is considered a channel that the company has made available and announced to all employees.