Challenges (GRI 103-1)

Employee preparation and competency development in accordance with the Company’s strategic directions amidst the ever-shifting dynamics of economic, social, environmental, and technological changes
which can affect employee skills, knowledge, and competencies as well as the fostering of an organization that is adaptable and promotes learning through a happy workplace environment to maintain and cultivate employee engagement present a significant challenge to the Company’s human resource development for sustainable business operations.

Execution (GRI 103-2)

CKPower recognizes that a driving force that increases its competitiveness is vital to achieving business success, and the beating heart of that force is none other than the human resources. Thus, the Company strives to continuously enhance employee potential across the organization through a diverse range of suitable training programs and a good working environment. Furthermore, the Company formulates efficient human resource development plans by conducting performance evaluations in accordance with international standards as part of performance management for employees at all levels, under a human resource development policy that seeks to increase operational competencies, ensure opportunities for career advancement, develop succession plans, create a safe workplace environment, and offer employee welfare as stipulated by the law.
Human Resource Management
Competency Development

CKPower promotes employee competency development through various operational skill and knowledge enrichment programs, both domestic and international, to equip its personnel with necessary skills and afford them opportunities for career advancement.

The Company has allocated an annual budget of THB 10,000 per person on average for potential development. These budgets are classified into tiers according to positions as detailed below:

Expenditure for Personnel Learning and Development
Position Average annual expense (baht per person)
Employees 10,000
Managers 15,000
Directors 20,000
Assistant Managing Directors 30,000
Deputy Managing Directors 40,000

In 2020, performance assessments were conducted on the Company’s executives and employees, using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in accordance with CKP Performance Appraisal Manual to ensure clear and fair results that could be efficiently used to inform the consideration of training programs and guidelines for employee potential development. In addition, the Company applied the Kaizen principle to employees’ operations to improve their competencies and the capabilities of the Company as well as promoted the participation of its personnel across CKPower and its subsidiaries through various activities. Over 99 percent of the employees incorporated Kaizen into their work in a tangible way. CKPower also gave the employees opportunities to offer opinions and suggestions to improve its operations as well as hosted knowledge and skill enrichment sessions to enhance the competency of its human capital. The average numbers of training hours were as detailed below.

Personnel Development Courses
4,722 hours
Core Program Soft Skill Train the Trainer Functional Training
For all employees For the enhancement of specialized skills and competencies For employees with specialized knowledge For the enhancement of advanced competencies for employees with responsibilities in specific areas
  • Core Value
  • Kaizen
  • Outward Mindset
  • Out ward Mindset for Leader
  • Business Proposals and Report Writing,
  • SAP
  • Engineer Team
  • IT
  • Procurement and Accounting
  • Storytelling for Influence
  • Creative slide for Presentation
  • PDPA
  • THSI
  • Microsoft 365  
  • Refresher course on crane operation
  • Environmental requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Quality requirement of 9001:2015
  • Emergency response drill in the case that gas leakage occurs in designated areas
  • Firefighting techniques in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standards
  • Safety risk and opportunity assessment
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Nutrition
  • Three systems of CPR internal audit (9001:201514001:2015, 45001:2018)
  • Fire extinguishing and evacuation drills
6,058 hours

Board of Directors and Executives

Board of Directors and Executives Programs
As a policy, CKPower supports and encourages the directors, the executives, and the Company Secretary to attend training courses and seminars and make site visits to enhance their operational knowledge and capability, focusing on courses, seminars and site visits beneficial to the Company’s business operations both in Thailand and overseas.
  • The Standard Economic  Forum
  • Fostering an understanding of all major topics related to TFRS for NPAEs
  • After Covid: How Thailand wins is the Next Normal
  • Singularity U Virtual Summit Thailand 2020
  • Outward Mindset at Work
  • Growth Mindset,
  • The Four Houses of DISC
  • Gas Insulated Substation
  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on financial statements
  • Development of the Preparation of Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI Standards Certified Training Course Framework
  • Gallup Global Strengths Coach


Supervisors Operational employees
  • Leadership for Managers by SEAC
  • Courses in which supervisor-level employees are trained in basic team management techniques, such as:
    • Growth Mindset
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Step in for leader 10 Skills
    • E3: Empower, Engage, Execution
    • DISC Personality Traits in the Workplace
    • Design Thinking
    • Managing in a minute.
CKPower ensures that employees attend training programs that are related to their regular field of work and will keep their knowledge and capability up to date with changes in the world to enhance their competency and operational efficiency.
Training Courses in 2020
Courses Number of courses Number of hours Number of attendees
Internal courses
In-house Training (Soft Skill) 80 4,722 162
Total 80 4,722 162
External courses
YourNextYou Program (Soft Skill) 39 2,350 48
Functional Training 89 3,867 82
Total 128 6,217 130
Grand total 208 10,939 292
  • The expenditure for personnel learning and development totalled THB 4,998,466.00.
  • The attendees accounted for 93.02% of the total number of employees.
  • The number of training hours averaged 37 hours per person.
Average training hours (per person per year) (GRI 404-1)
Average training hours 35.69 hours
Divided by gender
Female 36.59 hours
Male 35.16 hours
Divided by position
Executives 7.5 hours
Board of Directors 29.89 hours
Employee 36.07 hours
*Total training hours (the total number of hours divided by the number of attendees)
Career Advancement Opportunity

CKPower has restructured its management to make it more robust in order to promote career advancement for employees at all levels and ensure that it remains in alignment with the fierce business competition. It provides equal opportunities and promotes career advancement equitably without discrimination. The Company has also prescribed performance assessment of all employees based on concrete criteria alongside the assessment of success factors as tools for efficient employee development.

Succession Plans

To ensure business continuity and sustainability, CKPower has placed emphasis on developing talents to succeed retiring employees under its policy to recruit quality personnel within the Company for appointment as successors. The Company has prescribed succession planning for key positions in main lines of work to recruit potential successors to ensure its smooth operation, in accordance with its objectives and policy to give priority to high-potential personnel within the organization. The succession planning is informed by the assessment of performance, potential, and readiness of the candidates. Furthermore, CKPower has prescribed the development of necessary knowledge, competencies, and skills for successors to ensure their preparedness and ability to efficiently and smoothly fill the position as well as to maximize their career advancement opportunity.

Workplace Environment and Safety

In 2020, the Company continued to renovate its headquarters and certain areas in its power plants to accommodate the expansion of both its business and workforce and provide a suitable workplace environment for employees at all levels. Recognizing the importance of the operational safety of all employees, CKPower oversaw that its management conformed to international standards, namely ISO 45001, OHSAS 18000, TISI 18001, and other relevant standards. In addition, during the pandemic, the Company implemented cleaning and disinfection routines and strove to promote better quality of life and workplace safety for employees.

Employee Welfare (GRI 401-2)

CKPower provides all permanent staff and employees with remuneration, welfare, and benefits as required by the law, in adherence to the principle of governance and fair welfare determination criteria in accordance with legal and humanitarian principles. These include accident and life insurance, annual health examination, influenza vaccines, hepatitis A and B vaccines for unvaccinated at-risk employees, medical allowance, disability allowance, maternity leaves, and pensions. The Company’s welfare is reviewed and adjusted in alignment with changes in economic and social conditions as appropriate. CKPower also raises awareness of ethics and its code of conduct through campaigns that encourage and enable employees at all levels to apply these principles, along with sustainability practices and the principle of sufficiency economy, to their work and daily life.

CKPower fosters employee engagement through annual activities and communications. Employee satisfaction and engagement assessment is conducted every two years by external organizations to gauge the Company’s performance. Through employee engagement activities, the Company seeks to foster organization culture, listen to opinions of employees at all levels, motivate them to participate in organization development. The results on employee satisfaction and engagement are then analyzed and used to develop employee care projects in various areas to motivate employees to work efficiently, maintain the Company’s business competitiveness, and accomplish its goals in a sustainable way.

Competency Development and Employee Care
Performance 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 target
Employee engagement (%) n/a 74 n/a n/a 75
Employee satisfaction
*Range: 1-5
n/a 3.87 n/a n/a 3.9
Competency Development Programs (GRI 404-2, GRI 404-3)

In 2020, CKPower carried out various programs to optimize its personnel’s current and future operational capabilities as well as programs that gave opportunities specifically to retired employees.

Competency Development in 2020 (GRI 103-3)

CKPower assesses the performance of its executives and employees with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure clarity, fairness, and alignment with evaluation based on international indicators. Simultaneously, the Company has provided channels for its employees to submit suggestions in order that individual competency development plans can be developed to suit the position and interest of each specific employee, thus optimizing personnel development and organizational efficiency and enhancing the Company’s capabilities to provide services sustainably.

The average number of training hours per employee is 37.33 hours.
Attending employees: 93.02% Male 90.64% Female 97.32%
Subsidiaries Number of attendees Average number of hours per person Training expense
CKP 125 (98.43%) 46.72 3,615,141.16
BIC 57 (100%) 54.84 1,209,989.89
NN2 22 (75.86%) 11.18 65,683.77
XPCL 86 (86.87%) 19.58 107,651.18
SEAN 2 (100%) 12 (Included in CKP’s expenses for core courses)
BKC 1 (100%) 19 (Included in CKP’s expenses for core courses)
Healthy BMI Program 2.0

The Healthy BMI Program 2.0 was born out of the Company’s concern over the dangers of obesity, as this disease has become prevalent among people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Aside from negatively affecting charisma and confidence, obesity can also lead to adverse health effects because it is the cause of many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart and bone diseases. Exercise is one way to fight obesity. When the body expends more energy than the amount of calories consumed, it converts stored excess fat into energy for exercise, resulting in weight loss. Regular exercise also has long-term benefits for both physical and mental health, helping to boost confidence, charisma, and ease of movement, as well as reduce the risk of various diseases. In the implementation of this program, a total of 31 employees participated, and 22 employees with a BMI in the 23.00-30.00 range lost an average of 3.53% of their body weight, which met the program goal of 22 employees.

Competency Development Programs

CKPower has conducted Leadership Programs to help enhance, update, and introduce new skills necessary to keep up in this era of the new normal, develop management capabilities, and unlock the mindset of employees to enable efficient and professional team management. These programs include Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Step in Leader 10 Skills, Servant Leadership, DISC, Coaching in a Minute, Leadership Skill, and many other Upskill and Reskill courses by the SEAC, an institute that delivers world-class knowledge through classroom learning, social learning, and online learning, along with a library of frameworks that can be further implemented for team development. All of this is to open up new perspectives in an effort to keep up with the new normal and empower employees to develop their own capabilities on a daily basis anytime and anywhere as well as contribute to the development of both their own team and other teams.

The learning outcomes that HRD has set as the goal of the programs are for employees to apply and share the knowledge attained with their own teams and across teams to other companies within CKP Group, which will in turn elevate the mindset of employees in supervisory positions, equip them with knowledge in leading people and teams, and help them develop their capabilities as a knowledge sharer so that they are ready to pass on knowledge to others.

As for senior-level employees, CKPower has fostered their team management capabilities through the application of the Outward Mindset Concept program as a principle for team management. The engineering team, meanwhile, has undergone Business Proposal and Report Writing training in order to improve English report writing skills. Additionally, the Company has also conducted a Train the Trainer program for employees to develop skills in their own areas of expertise in order to share this knowledge with others or pass it on to other junior members of their team, thus extending the benefits of development beyond themselves.

The Company has also arranged Creative Presentation training for better engagement and clarity as well as Storytelling training to improve presentation skills and techniques. Finally, the Company has provided training on Microsoft Office 365 to make the work process more streamlined and up-to-date and increase operational efficiency among its employees.