Challenges (GRI 103-1)

CKPower strives to accomplish its goals of achieving efficient production and distribution of power and maximum stability to consistently meet the demand of customers both in Thailand and Lao PDR.
As one of the challenges for the Company is the ability to produce and distribute electricity to fulfil its power purchase agreements with customers, it needs to make preparations in anticipation of various emergencies that may arise and affect the business operation of CKPower and its subsidiaries as well as take into account its responsibility towards consumers and all stakeholders. To this end, significance is attached to the stabilization of the power generation of both CKPower and its subsidiaries in order to deliver a good experience to customers and all stakeholders through world-class products and services and bring maximum benefits to all sectors sustainably.

Execution (GRI 103-2)

Recognizing the benefits of good customer relationship management, CKPower consistently strives to enhance customer satisfaction through management consistent with accepted standards as well as by strictly honoring the terms of power purchase agreements and operating its power plants with maximum efficiency so as to be able to distribute electricity as required by such agreements. In 2019, the Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project officially commenced its commercial operation and underwent tests according to the strict power distribution standard of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), including individual tests and joint tests, to ensure that it could serve as a stable main power plant that could meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and efficiently handle emergencies in case of failure. Furthermore, to maintain and elevate customer satisfaction, Bangpa-in Cogeneration Company Limited in 2020 introduced seven indicators as follows:
  1. Heat rate
  2. Availability
  3. Unplanned outage
  4. Gross energy
  5. Number of complaints
  6. Customer satisfaction survey results
  7. Employee training

These serve as the indicators of the potential and service of both Bangpa-in Cogeneration Projects, with monthly result tracking and data collection. The criteria are specified in In addition,

CKPower has conducted customer satisfaction surveys among customers of Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant, with the criteria covering the four following aspects:

  1. Quality
  2. Communication
  3. Personnel
  4. Image of the power plant
Customer Satisfaction Survey Channels
Recognizing the significance of customer satisfaction, CKPower has put in place channels for complaints, both written and verbal, from customers and external parties as well as other issues related to its business operations and employee performance in order that the Company can resolve such issues appropriately and effectively as well as improve products and services.
Bangpa-in Cogeneration Projects 1 and 2
Complaint channels
Responses towards customers’ satisfaction and expectations
Responses towards customers’ satisfaction and expectations Participation channels Responses
Flicker due to short circuits in regional transmission lines Telephone, email, letters, and Line group for customers of each company Flicker due to short circuits in regional transmission lines Telephone, email, letters, and Line group for customers of each company The company thus held meetings with its customers to discuss appropriate solutions as well as inspect and adjust the electrical protection settings of the customers’ machines according to engineering principles and the machines’ capacity. The troubleshooting significantly reduced such issues, thereby eliminating disruptions in customers’ production and achieving customer satisfaction.
Survey Results and Customer Satisfaction Tracking (GRI 103-3, GRI G4-PR5)

Two satisfaction surveys were conducted on 12 customers of Bangpa-in Cogeneration Projects 1 and 2 for the periods of January to June and July to December. The satisfaction scores were 97.55% and 99.46% in the first and second surveys respectively, both exceeding the goal of 97% for the year 2020. In addition, the survey of quality and service of 2020 revealed that Bangpa-in Cogeneration Project 1 achieved a score of 100% (across all seven indicators), while Bangpa-in Cogeneration Project 2 obtained 57.14% (four indicators).

A customer satisfaction survey was also conducted at Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant based on the four aforementioned criteria through interviews with executives and staff members working in contact with the customers. The satisfaction score was 100% or highly satisfied, and no suggestion was given. In addition, CKPower evaluated and analyzed the survey results to develop and improve its service to meet the expectations of its stakeholders more efficiently.

The customer satisfaction suverys conducted at Bangpa-in Cogeneration Company Limited were based on seven criteria, with a total weight of 100%. The criteria were weighted as follows:

1. Power/steam system quality control (30%)
2. Precision of power/steam purchase and sales volumes (20%)
3. Power/steam equipment maintenance (15%)
4. Convenience of reporting power/steam issues (10%)
5. Accuracy of power/steam details on invoices (15%)
6. Speed of delivering power/steam invoices (5%)
7. Ability to respond to inquiries (5%)

Each criterion was rated as follows:

Excellent = 91-100 Good = 81-90 Fair = 61-80 Poor = 51-60 Very Poor < 50

According to the survey results based on 12 customers, the average satisfaction scores were 97.55 out of 100 in the 1/2020 survey and 99.46 out of 100 in the 2/2020 survey.

The total satisfaction scores are as detailed below.
Success indicator Performance Target
2017 2018 2019 2020 2020 2021
Customer satisfaction(Unit: percentage) 91.67 97.39 97.21 98.5 97 97.50
Customer Relations Management

To continuously foster confidence and relationship with customers, CKPower formulates annual plans for customer relations management. In 2020, the Company conducted two customer relations activities as detailed below.

Customer Relations Activities
The 2020 friendly golf match for executives and Bangpa-in Cogeneration (BIC) customers
The 2020 friendly bowling match for executives and Bangpa-in Cogeneration (BIC) customers
Customer Data Protection (GRI 418-1)

CKPower attaches great significance to customer data protection. To this end, the company has prescribed levels of clearance to prevent leakage to external parties as well as formulated guidelines for information disclosure in line with the guidelines for listed companies issued by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Furthermore, the Company encourages the use of IT systems with systematic tracking procedures and risk management, and promotes cybersecurity and security measures for IT systems for all of the company’s IT operations and IT risk management.

Success indicator 2017 2018 2019 2020
Complaints related to violation of customers’ personal data
(Unit: case)
0 0 0 0
Leakage or loss of customer data
(Unit: case)
0 0 0 0