Challenges (GRI 103-1)

Sustainable business practices must entail developing the community and society alongside the organization and be guided by a sense of social responsibility for the collective advancement of the country, which makes it possible to maintain the balance between business operations and meeting stakeholder expectations. In addition, the organization must contribute resources essential to the solving of urgent environmental and social issues when society is faced with crises, which would earn the organization recognition and social license to operate.

EXECUTION (GRI 103-2) (GRI 413-1) (GRI 413-2)

CKPower has put in place a community engagement and development policy as well as social and environmental guidelines to serve as guidance for its business operations alongside social and community engagement. The Sustainability Working Teams are responsible for implementing the policy and guidelines to produce concrete results, continuously monitoring the implementation, and tracking the progress of social management in an appropriate, transparent, and efficient manner, as well as reporting the performance on a quarterly basis for continuous improvement and sustainable co-existence with communities.

For community engagement, CKPower seeks to leverage its capabilities to support and promote exchange of knowledge and experience between the Company, employees, and communities as well as create value to enhance the quality of life in communities within an operational framework that covers the five following aspects:

Issues Sustainable Development Goals Details
CKPower continuously seeks to develop and improve quality of life in the community by establishing goals, evaluation tools, and follow-up and assessment methods on the sustainability of the various social development activities conducted along with promoting social innovation in order to create shared value in the growth of the community alongside the long-term growth of the organization
CKPower is committed to equal treatment and anti-discrimination, vigilance against child and forced labor, fostering social involvement in community safety and security, and protecting individual rights and privacy as well as respecting differences with equality and humanity.
CKPower helps members of communities surrounding the power plants to develop their potential, knowledge, and skills by offering training programs and various necessary resources along with creating environments that are conducive to learning and fostering creative means of generating income for sustainable living.
CKPower promotes good public health and safety practices along with accident prevention measures within communities surrounding its power plants and, moreover, provides education for the public on waste management as well as nutrition and food safety practices all the way to fire and emergency response training.
CKPower supports community activities for public interest related to topics like arts and culture, social welfare, and sports all the way to disaster and crisis relief when necessary.

Community Engagement

In working with communities and society, CKPower strives to leverage its capabilities in accordance with their needs to “collaboratively generate ideas, take action, and advance development for better quality of life in communities and society,” with employees serving as a vital force that drives collaboration and elevates the quality of life for local people in communities throughout the process, from understanding community needs to implementing the projects/activities and monitoring outcomes in 2021.


The Company prioritizes its accountability to communities affected by operations of its power plants, such as the Xayaburi Power Plant in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The Company has undertaken support and assistance efforts for over 612 affected households originally located on either side of the Mekong riverbanks through resettlement, relocation, and quality of life improvement programs in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Policy of Lao PDR. In addition, the Company has engaged in efforts to support and develop small communities scattered in remote areas by encouraging the formation of larger communities and facilitating exponential development in basic infrastructure and utilities, such as electricity, running water, and transport routes, in order to elevate quality of life in a sustainable way in accordance with the Urban and Economic Development Strategy of Lao PDR. These efforts are intended to complement the nation’s industrial development and promote sustainable economic growth, with the goal of increasing income and quality of life in 2020, as measured by a target annual household income of no less than 1,800 USD, or 15 million kip.

Quality of Life Enhancement in Communities

CKPower has conducted research on quality of life in communities near its project sites encompassing economic and social aspects and surveyed community members on their opinions towards the Company’s operations, presenting an opportunity for those who are directly and indirectly affected by its business operations to make suggestions and voice their concerns on various issues, so that the Company can determine the appropriate solutions The results of these studies are analyzed in order to determine the direction of its projects in order to adequately meet their social and environmental needs. In 2021, CKPower carried out activities to strengthen relationships and improve quality of life within 100% of the communities surrounding its power plants under the principle of good citizenry and social and environmental consciousness, thus integrating its expertise in the clean energy industry and social development. The Company also lent support with regard to public health to communities in Lao PDR.

As for impact assessment, CKPower conducts surveys of opinions, concerns, and needs of the communities and assesses potential social and environmental impacts of its operations on surrounding communities. The results are then analyzed to formulate social contribution activities that can meet the needs in a concrete manner. While no impact from its operations on surrounding communities has been identified in opinion surveys, CKPower has continued to undertake community and social contribution activities.

Remark: *indicates significant impact on communities.

Hinghoi Project

CKPower initiated the Hinghoi (Firefly) Project in 2016, which began with surveys of the site as well as the opinions, concerns, and needs of the community and eventually grew into a collaboration between the Company and communities. Born out of the vision of the top executives to leverage the knowledge and expertise in electrical engineering of its employees to empower communities to give children around its power plants and the remote areas in Thailand and the Lao PDR have a better quality of life through access to clean energy and essential utilities. The Hinghoi Project initiatives were implemented through CKPower's strategy to create value for society, through 4 core strategies “Competency, Co-Creation, Cooperation, Connection”: Competency in clean energy engineering, meaning that CKPower will use its capabilities to empower communities, societies and stakeholders, Co-create with the community to improve processes, and develop innovations for a sustainable society, Cooperation :We foster cooperation with communities to bring about development and advancement of society at large and Connection, which is to work together with value co-creation partners to sustainably strengthen and empower society.

The past years, the project seeks to address the issue of power shortage by promoting the installation of solar power systems and water turbines to generate electricity for school buildings and local libraries as well as increasing access to many other renewable energy sources in communities in the vicinity of CKPower’s power plants and remote areas.

The Hinghoi Project, CKPower has been able to use its engineering innovation to address the problem of power shortfalls, which not only demonstrates the capabilities of its energy production businesses but also helps cultivate social consciousness and responsibility among its employees as well as build relationships with employees at all levels of the organization, communities and network partners in a sustainable way.

2021-2022 Hing Hoi 6

A development project was undertaken at Hin Hua Seua Kindergarten to construct a new building in order to create educational opportunities for boys and girls as well as children with disabilities. CKPower also installed solar panels to power the newly-installed groundwater pump along with a water purifier that met the standards of the Lao PDR and the World Health Organization, as well as enhanced the landscape inside the school.

Location: Hin Hua Seua Kindergarten, in the vicinity of the Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant in Xaisomboun Province, the Lao PDR
207 volunteer employees were involved. The project benefitted one community and 135 children.

For over six years, Hing Hoi Project has successfully addressed the problem of scarcity in communities and society through its engineering innovations, which demonstrate its capabilities in the clean energy business, in a manner that respects the local way of life and contributed a total of 40 structures and facilities for public use. This project has given as many as 1,676 children access to basic utilities in their daily lives cumulatively and created engagement with 779 employees, 8 communities, and 16 partner organizations and has been carried on from generation to generation. This initiative has also led to the construction of seven learning centers and stations for communities and society on renewable energy, such as hydropower turbines, solar-powered school buildings, solar-powered water reservoirs, and solar-powered street lights. Through this project, CKPower has also developed 575 engineering personnel equipped with knowledge of innovation development for society and saved as much as THB 2.7 million on external training expenses. Thanks to Hing Hoi Project, CKPower has successfully inspired new generations of youths to carry on and take part in the initiative to create value, develop clean energy for communities and society for the future of posterity.

Social Contribution Activities: A total of 39 activities/projects were carried out, worth THB 15 million in total.